What is the purpose of dark web? In a word: oblivion. When you use the TOR browser,Guest Posting your IP address (basically your computer’s identity) is hidden, so your activity cannot be tracked. Therefore, the Dark Web is really for people who want to engage in activities they will not be associated with. If this sounds like a sketch place, that’s because it is.

To prepare for your venture into the dark web, here are the 5 things you need to know.

1. You can find a site for a lot

As the old saying goes, if anyone is thought hidden wiki of, there is a website for this. This is especially true on the Dark Web. Imagine all the different types of content you find on the Internet. very right? Now think about all the content you do not want to see on the Internet, and this is a lot for the Dark Web.

Due to the anonymous nature of the Dark Web, content that people do not want to float around the regular Internet ends up on the Dark Web. The variety of ingredients drives the gamut from completely malleable to completely harmless.

For those who do not shy away from seeing things going on in their minds forever, the Dark Web provides an opportunity to browse content they will never see anywhere else. For untrained people who stumble upon this content, the experience can be scary.

2. Is some really perverse stuff

The Dark Web is host to some of the most terrifying content you can think of. One of the most prolific types of content in the Dark Web is adult vids, but the worst type. Since users’ IP addresses cannot be tracked, there is no way to see who is downloading this content. Entire communities of people sharing this content have popped up in the dark web.

There are sites dedicated to any wish you can think of and a set of wishes you would never want to think about. People hide under the cloak of anonymity, bring their darkest selfies to play in the dark web.

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